Fan to fan example image with 16 male XLR connectors on the left end and 16 female XLR connectors on the right
Audio fan snakes can be configured up to 64 channels with any choice of connectors. Color coded heat shrink and label options provide easy identification while our individually shielded multi-pair wire provides long lasting durability and audiophile performance.

Item #: MT(# of Channels)(OC)-Length Example: MT8XX-20
Cable: C.B.I/Belden Individually-Shielded Multipair Wire
Connector Options:
Neutrik 3 Pin XLR, Nickel housing and silver contacts
Neutrik/Rean 1/4’’ plug TRS
Neutrik/Rean 1/4’’ plug TS
Neutrik/Rean RCA, Nickel plated shell and contacts
*Alternate colors of heat shrink available for customization
*Contrasting numbers covered with clear heat shrink on fanout

DescriptionOC (Option Code)
1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRSBLA
1/4" TRS to Female XLRBLB
1/4" TRS to Male XLRBLC
Female XLR to Male XLRXX
1/4" TS to 1/4" TSQQ
RCA Male to 1/4" TSRQ
RCA Male to RCA MaleRR
Total Channels24681216-2428-3240-64
Fan Length4"6"8"12"18"24"36"48"

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