Shuttle Snakes provide a cable solution for running 4 universes of DMX over a single CAT5 line for maximum flexibility. Available in both 3 or 5 Pin color coded connectors wired to a RJ45 pass through. Shuttle Snake housing available in different options, show below.

Product Type: DMX over CAT5E cable
Item #: SH(3 or 5 pin)-[# of Channels][Gender of Connector]
Cable: C.B.I DMX Cable
Connectors Fan End:
Neutrik XX Series, 3 Pin Nickel XLR (Male or Female)
Neutrik XX Series, 5 Pin Black XLR (Male or Female)

Item NumberXLRChannels
SH3-4MMale 3 Pin4
SH3-3MMale 3 Pin3
SH3-2MMale 3 Pin2
SH5-4MMale 5 Pin4
SH5-3MMale 5 Pin3
SH5-2MMale 5 Pin2
SH3-4FFemale 3 Pin4
SH3-3FFemale 3 Pin3
SH3-2FFemale 3 Pin2
SH5-4FFemale 5 Pin4
SH5-3FFemale 5 Pin3
SH5-2FFemale 5 Pin2